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J-51 Benefit History Request Screen

J-51 Explanation Disclaimer

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J-51 Explanation

The J-51 benefit program of the City of New York is a tax incentive for the renovation of multiple unit residential buildings.   The Department of Housing, Preservation and Development (HPD) administers the program and handles all applications for it.   The Department of Finance applies the HPD approved benefits to real property assessed value and taxes.

The program includes two benefits, both based on the certified cost of building alteration.   (1) The J-51 Exemption reduces the taxable assessed value, which is the basis for calculating Real Estate Taxes.   (2) The J-51 Abatement reduces the actual tax that has been charged against a property.

J-51 Program Information


1. The J-51 Benefit History is for informational purposes only.   It contains information that may be currently under review.   The information shown may not show data that has been added or changed in the last 7 days.  Recent changes shown may not yet have affected billing.

2. The Department of Finance records are updated regularly.   If you believe there are any inaccuracies as to the information contained on these pages or if you need updated information, please contact the Department of Finance.

3. You may not be entitled to the credits appearing on these pages.    To verify entitlement please contact the Department of Finance.

4. To reach the Department of Finance J51 Abatement Unit write to:

   Exemptions Section - J51
   P.O.Box 3120
   Church Street Station
   New York, NY 10007-3120