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Manhattan Resident Parking Tax Exemption

The purpose of the Exemption Certificate is to provide proof to parking facility operators that the owner or lessee of a motor vehicle is not required to pay the additional New York City 8% Parking Tax. For those who qualify, the tax on parking services will be at a rate of 10.375% instead of 18.375% that is imposed under State law. Any individual who fulfills ALL of the following requirements is eligible for a Parking Tax Exemption Certificate:
  1. has his or her primary residence in Manhattan
  2. owns a motor vehicle or leases it for a term of one year or more
  3. registers the vehicle pursuant to the vehicle and traffic law at his or her primary Manhattan address, or, in the case of a leased vehicle that is registered pursuant to the vehicle and traffic law, leases the vehicle at such address, and
  4. does not use the vehicle for business purposes.
The Parking Tax Exemption Certificate will be issued provided that services are rendered on a monthly basis or longer at the garage or lot that is the principal parking facility when the vehicle is not in use.

The Parking Tax Exemption becomes effective on the first day of the month following issuance of the certificate and remains valid until the expiration date shown on the certificate, provided no changes are made to the certificate in this period. The certificate will be honored only by the parking facility designated. The certificate will be valid only for the vehicle designated.

A parking tax exemption application can be submitted using the following choices. Please select one of the choices and enter the requested information.

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Your application will not be processed unless it is complete and any required documentation is submitted.

PENALTIES: Any person who improperly obtains or misuses a Parking Exemption Certificate will be liable for penalties of not more than $100 in the case of negligence and not more than $500 in the case of fraud. A person filing a false application may also be prosecuted under the penal law. These shall be in addition to any penalties imposed under Section 1145 of Article 28 of the New York State Tax Law.

TROUBLESHOOTING: Some firewall software may prevent the PTE application from working properly. If you experience difficulties completing your application, you must disable your firewall software temporarily. For instructions on disabling your firewall software, please refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your firewall software.

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