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Payment Agreement Estimator

Payment Agreement Estimator

This Payment Agreement Estimator may be used to estimate the amount you would have to pay every 3 months if you enter into a payment agreement to pay past due property taxes and related charges. Your payment agreement will also require you to pay new property taxes and related charges as they become due.
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Enter the following information:

Total Property Debt:
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Down Payment: Amount ($)
Percentage (%)
Finance Bills the Property:
Number of Years You Need to Pay Debt:
Principal Amount:
(Total amount you owe minus down payment)
Interest Rate:
(Compounded daily)
Number of Payments:
Estimated Total Interest over Course of Agreement:
Estimated Payment:


PLEASE NOTE: The Department of Finance is not responsible for any data or system error.

The Payment Agreement Estimator is for information purposes only. The total interest paid over the course of the agreement is a good faith estimate. Total property debt is subject to change as a result of interest accrual and other transactions. The actual amount of the payment can only be determined at the time an owner enters into an agreement.

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